General Education at Rutgers–Camden has long sought to give students exposure to the breadth of human knowledge in addition to pursuing a specific course of study more intensively through a major or minor. The new program in General Education makes our educational goals more coherent and explicit by categorizing courses across disciplines and subject matter by specific competencies (the Foundations courses),  topics and approaches (the Themes and Approaches courses), and interdisciplinary education and writing skills (the Cross-Cutting Category courses).

The central goal of general education is to cultivate educated citizens of society who can:

  1. think, write, and speak clearly, critically, and effectively.
  2. appreciate the ways in which we gain scientific, social scientific, and humanistic knowledge and understanding of the universe, of society, and of ourselves.
  3. understand and make informed judgments about moral and ethical problems;
  4. experience and analyze the many forms of expression of human imagination and creativity
  5. interpret their own lives in the context of the complexity and diversity within American society and in the cultures and societies of the rest of the world.